Thursday, September 25, 2014

Some WOW `UFO'-`Orb' Photos From Rochester 9/24 (Latest MUFON Reports)

According to the report - this phenomena has been going on for several evenings in a row. These photos are similar to many this past summer nationally and include the `sky symbols' familiar since Stephenville 2008. First, the report:

It has been for the last 2 nights I used a tablet and got video of it on the 24th and took pictures last night on 25th. I was at my Girlfriends parents house for he sisters birthday party, they live on Lake Ontario,Pyane Beach. I went out at dusk to see if i could finally see the little dipper. I live in City and just can't see it anymore. I saw something on horizon at first I thought it was a bug or something, with the way it moved then realized it was way out there, but it shot towards me. I asked "M"'s father to come look he could not see it. "M" came out and saw it instantly. I grabbed their binoculars and could see a round object with lights flashing red and green. "M"'s mom looked through them and saw it too. We were in process of leaving so we did. I got home to Rochester and walked out back and realized I could see one from back yard and another one to east. I then called my friend who lives near the lake out this way Kevin and went to his place got his binoculars and he saw it to. Ended up recording them from my back yard with "M"'s tablet knew I could not see them in normal mode but could turn up gamma and play with brightness and maybe would have some luck. That is how I got them flying a plane at the bright one over Rochester. so the next Morning I called my parents get them to drop off 2 sets of binoculars and my dad's 10 mp Pentax camera. I was at lake by dusk the next night and had some trouble remembering how to set shutter speed and other stuff could not get a picture for first hour and a half maybe more. missed choppers flying up to them and everything. but got it working just don't really have a great telephoto lens for the job. Got the drive got the objects just don't have the equipment hope you all can come like right now i hope they are back tonight. her parents said they see stuff up at lake all the time. [Link moved to FI Section/cms/tg] my photoes and 1 video is there
Here's two of the FIVE photos submitted:
I wonder if they will be out tonight? How about you?
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Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Orb Escorts B.B. King Onstage At Great South Bay Music Festival (7/20/14 - MUFON Reports)

Because of the perspective of most music festivals (in bowl type amphitheater settings) it would seem hard to believe that something such as the picture below wouldn't be seen by MANY - I will keep checking the MUFON reports. That in itself limits going out on a limb on this one. Also, the picture is somewhat reminiscent of  a doctored up RC drone of some sort. First, the report:
Patchogue NY
 On the night of july 20, I was at the Great south bay music festival.As BB King was being escorted to the stage,a lady in front of me pointed to the sky. I was puzzled because all eyes were on the stage. I was under a tent, so I moved to the edge of the canvas, looked up and I really could not believe what I saw! It was so close in the sky,and as clear an image as you would want. About maybe 5000 ft.up was an object that had a cross of row was red, and the other was green.Above the lights was the object itself. The bottom of the object looked to be four square boxes inside one bigger box.It might have had another outside perimiter, either round or square,I could not tell.Also I judged the object to be no more than 50 to 75 ft. in diameter. It was so close! I don t know if someone from the general public, or the us gov. was messing around, but I would like to find out. People at the festival seemed to be oblivious of its presents in the sky. I have never seen anything like it,I was amazed! If it was made by someone, I would love to shake his hand!!! Outstanding job!
Can't wait to see if more reports come forward... or is this a one off?
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Wednesday, July 2, 2014

2014 New York UFO Update

Below you will find 5 UFO pictures and one embedded UFO video - many more reports and links to pictures,etc.

Hello New York   - today I update with highlights of the 50 UFO reports that were reported to MUFON in New York just since May 9th, 2014. As you know in the state UFO series - I try to focus on the reports with pictures and videos submitted - but, in this overview will bring you MUFON reports that also do not have `proof' but offer something of UFOlogy value IMO. (Some submitted reports since April are about long ago previous experiences too.)

I will attempt to bring some flow to all of the below - thanks for being a reader and make sure to check out some other State UFO Blogs (in the sidebar) - and thanks for having a mind still into exploring and not just accepting.

New York 2014 UFO Update
highlights of 14 submitted reports to MUFON with pictures/videos

sincere sounding report above
the picture below
Obviously, this could be anything... but is interesting.
description is a bit Chinese Laternish but pic is more orbish IMO
Here's the Picture Submitted
strikingly similar objects to each other
5/25/14 NYC Tourist Captures Daytime Orb/object In Photos
could be anything, balloons, anomalous, who knows - the person did see this move anomalously compared to wind
One Of 10 Photos Submitted - All Similar Quality
6/2/14 Person Catches Red Orb Flyby In Two Short Videos
In Oneida, NY - about 9:30 PM
One of the two very short videos
could be anything, but is interesting - much too short
red is always my emphasis
North Creek, 6/4/14 - Multiple Close Low Level Orbs, Seen Previously, With Seeming Familiar Quality - With `Time Sequence' Twist In Proof!
yeah, trippy - full report below

Early morning, June 4th 2014, looking out my door at the sky, thought I saw movement, 3 bright lights in the distance coming across the mountain from SE. stepped inside for cell phone, set it for record, stepped outside, objects were now the size of basketballs, kept getting larger. I aimed camera at first object, could not capture all three at the same time, able to get 5 seconds, recorder stopped. Stepped back inside an reset phone to picture, captured other two. Sat unbelieving and mesmerized for about 10 min. 1st orb began to move closer and downward, was convinced it was headed at me. Suddenly another dimmer comet-like, (had a tail) object streaked in near the orb towards the earth. Both passed out of view around the edge of the house. I had seen the same comet like object earlier in the spring while driving to work one night, it seemed familiar to me the moment it appeared on June 4th. My attention was then focused on the 2 other obs, slowly moving down across the mountain, through the trees about 50-100 yards away, the one on the left sunk below vision, the one on the right passed through the trees while descending. This caused it to appear to be blinking. I finally lost sight of it. Sat for another minute and then immediately went in the house and poured a drink. Got online and sent a Facebook message to my daughters about the incident, the message time is 2:21 am on June 4th. Completely forgot about the video and picture until June 5th. When I called them up the video time stamp read 08/19/2013 08:25 pm; the pic of the 2 orbs is 08/19/2013 08:33 pm. all my other recordings are accurate. I was stunned by this.
And, the real trip - this person submitted both picture and video proof. Even through the picture indeed could be anything.
Has all the characteristics of what is becoming the UFO motif in 2014 - the close up, repeat, orb phenomena - with structure or multiple orbs as the phenomena gets close/local.
does the continued morphing of the Chemtrail plane phenomena evolve?
Here's the Two Pictures
(best seen at original links provided BTW)
What the heck, right?
As a FYI - here's the form that people who submit to MUFON fill out when submitting their UFO reports.
Other Reported Old Time Experiences
I was about 12 years old and my friend John Murchison lived down the block. We were all playing in his yard that afternoon,(don't remember if school was out yet, that is why I put APRIL) we were playing freeze tag amongst other games. Evidently they (the UFO)were either watching us from a distance for a while or just came out of nowhere. 
All of a sudden we all heard a humming noise, stopped playing , looked up and right above the tree was the ufo , it was a saucer with what appeared to be a section below with windows and I could clearly see humanoid figures watching us play. 
Perhaps they were intrigued by the freeze tag game OR they were just watching us have fun... I don't know. 
In a matter of seconds after we saw the craft we all screamed and ran inside to find john's mother Mary saying the Rosary and watching the ufo. 
As soon as we went inside and looked out it was gone. 

To this day I have been obsessed with Ufo's and wish to see them again.
who wouldn't be right? that said, I expect at least some physical description of the Humanoids, right? Obviously, the neighborhood UFO experience is nothing new.
multiple witnesses
written in all CAPS, reads like fiction
Where have all the aliens gone, right?
Isn't entities a better word?
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Monday, January 27, 2014

1/13/14 - Newburgh 'Neighborhood UFO' - Triangle, 3 White Lights And One Center Red One (Latest MUFON Reports)

This case follows what I've been blogging about at UFO Disclosure Countdown Clock ... for what is becoming a near standard 2014 UFO Experience (with variations).... in this case and also part of the motif is the center light with three white corner lights of the 'craft'. (BTW, a UK 'UFO report' mentions that when three orbs line up in the fashion that projects of objects (read Triangle craft) can seemingly appear.)

This MUFON report is brand new and was posted 1/27/14:
(MUFON Report Above)
Drawing Submitted Below